8 x 40 Storage Unit Sizing Help

An 8′ x 40′ storage unit is the largest storage unit that Sajono Self Storage Lac La Biche offers.  It is comparable to a 2-car garage or large 4 to 5 bedroom home.  If you are not sure how big an 8′ x 40′ storage unit really is, and what type of items you can fit inside it, we are here to help you learn everything you need to know about this unit size.

How Big Is a 8′ x 40′ Storage Unit?

If you are moving or looking to store lots of items or larger items, an 8′ x 40′ storage unit is the perfect choice.  It measures out to approximately 320 square feet and it’s  8 feet wide by 40 feet long, giving you 2560 cubic feet of space for your storage. Pretty much anything fits well in this unit including; all household contents, recreational items like side-by-sides, motorcycles and golf carts, and even fits small cars.